Pregnancy and Oncology

where a woman with cancer is in a position

I want to start with an interesting case. One young man saw a pregnancy test took advantage of him and the test showed a positive result. This case he commented on social networks, or even where to laugh, what a moral shock he received when it was revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Things happen in our lives. Consider a situation where a woman with cancer is in a position. Here you need to be happy and expect the arrival of the baby. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening and usually the woman is going through is not for myself but for the unborn child. Note that at this very moment she can undergo treatment. What awaits her in the future and whether the disease will be inherited?

Many scientists have tried to understand the causes of this disease, but they still have not found out what is still the cause. Many observations and research conducted they on the subject and figured out certain patterns. By and large, we have little interest in what they have found. Every day we hear some evidence, and then suddenly it turns out that they did not take into account anything else or even found new data and now all over again. Funny isn't it. And this is true, but no matter how a person calls himself - "king" or "Creator" , in fact , he is nothing more than a "gear", or maybe a "screw" in this huge system of the universe.

So, back to our topic. So what to expect and what to do. First, mother and child are completely different organisms, although they stay together for a certain time. New the body certainly develops in the womb, but definitely it's not one. Secondly, people live in different conditions and, accordingly, the fruit can also be in different environments. For him, the mother is a certain habitat. The child has its own immune system and it is the guardian of the whole body. Times a separate body, with its system of protection, hence the problems he has and not exactly related with the environment ( carrier mother ) 

Now the numbers. How accurate my information on this issue, it remains to guess, as they were found in different sources. What do the numbers tell us? Less than 10% - the result of the fact that the child will be born with cancer, but these figures are constantly changing and usually not less, say even 30-50% why? Over the past 15-30 years, the disease has become much younger and the number of people is becoming more and more every day. ( Discussed this issue in previous articles) we also understand that the child and the mother are completely different organisms, but eat with the help of one circulatory system. Therefore, carriers of the new organism with blood cancer, as a rule, transmit the disease to the heirs. There are a few more factors, but I think that the article will be too long , protracted and tedious.

In General, it becomes clear to us that any changes in the body occur constantly and for what reasons it is also not always clear to us and yet. Strongly recommend! Here in no case do not promote traditional medicine, but only say that everyone will find a specialist ( doctor , healer, shaman, wizard, etc.) and is obliged to turn to him for help. Any prolongation of the situation may turn into inevitability.

Taking the opportunity we also offer our services, it is necessary to show us the analysis is not older than one month.

I wish you All good health and long life

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