Dry statistics

Dry statistics

In our article we will not touch on political issues , and will rely only on the data that we have provided certain organizations. Let's turn to Globocan (international Association for Cancer Research ) and here are the data it provides. https://www.messenger.com/t/immunoup

Death statistics for the year (2018)               China-2.865.174


                                                                              USA - 616.714




                                                                             World -  4.987.719

Of course , it is not quite correct to compare, as the population is different and for this we will show another statistic based on every 100,000 people. Here the situation is quite different, see for yourself. 



                                                                           USA - 91



The current situation is now quite different. Here, of course, you can talk and argue a lot , but in fact, countries with the best health care do not occupy the highest positions, but what does the United States do here? And here the question arises: How so? I think we should get to the good stuff.

Syria, Algeria, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka , but the countries with the lowest mortality from cancer. It turns out an interesting thing, namely. Countries located in the southern part of the globe have the lowest number of deaths. An interesting fact and everyone probably knows about it , that doctors advise is less in the sun, as there is a risk of getting cancer. Strange, isn't it?  Relatively not far from Tajikistan , lives a small nationality. These people are considered the healthiest on earth. They rarely get sick, and about diseases such as Oncology, they do not know.

You can still find a long time different facts do not quite fit into modern dogma. Nor do we promote irresponsible lifestyles, but that is not what we want to say. We strongly recommend you to be picky in eating and not rely heavily on the benefits of civilization, and move more physically and more often on foot. Where such conclusions, tell You and what they are justified. Friends, you do not need to be highly educated to look around and notice one very interesting fact that catches the eye if you pay attention to it.  A time-tested fact. Nationalities and entire generations live long and usually do not get sick are those who constantly move on foot and in any case do not eat much. Now every house has Internet and you can easily check this law. 

Do not be afraid of the sun, walk more, go out of town to breathe clean air and do not overeat. I think it's not difficult, but in the opposite case you expect serious diseases - Oncology, severe ulcers and digestive disorders, a huge list of cardiovascular diseases and all kinds of neuropsychiatric disorders.                                                                                                                                                                                                


                                         P.S. I Wish you good health and long life

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