Our lesser friends

Our lesser friends

Friends, many of us live at home with our smaller brothers and they also need drugs that replace the protective immune function of the body. Of course, animals do not get sick as often as we think, but the ordeal falls on their share. In cities where the environment is not a real element of our Pets, animals have a number of specific diseases associated with a new habitat, also this factor can be attributed to the food and lifestyle itself.

In this connection I recall an interesting incident that occurred with my dog. Going for a walk on the street , we went along the route, which was usually the same, but this time we changed it a little, went to the store. As I remember, it was a pharmacy. I was with a friend and we bought some vitamins in a small iron jar. We have a dog was quite obedient and walked without a leash, she looked for the owner and especially is not waste. Although at times it was necessary to call, as she loved to walk under the Windows and run through the bushes in search of some of their adventures. So, buying vitamins, my friend and I began to eat them, well, the dog also of course asked. Without any thought we gave her some and went to the house. The jar was small and we quickly coped with it.

Having had a snack vitamins , we go to the house, and the dog as always somewhere nearby. Going to the house, I called her and began to say goodbye to a friend. This moment takes my and pulls something in his teeth. Approaching us, we saw in the teeth of our jar of vitamin. Remember we kind of laughed, like like vitamins. A moment later, I realize that the can is not quite in the teeth. Yes, it is certainly in your mouth, but a kind of way that jar could be the lower jaw of my dog. Interesting fact.  how could she do it, because the hole was not so big and had to manage to get his jaw into the hole. Further events developed as in the action movie.

Having called a dog , I told it: "Fu" and having understood that it won't throw it , decided to take out from a mouth and to go home. but it was not there. A jar so aptly itself has gone it the lower jaw, that remove the it turned out problem. since she wasn't filming back and plus my mongrel started whining. after my attempts. Realizing that the Bank sat down specifically and remove will not work, we went to call for help. After a long and different attempts, one of our neighbors, a Jack-of-all-trades, offered to cut the jar with scissors on metal. He had a dog, too. After a couple or more hours, we were able to breathe and our pet was released.

We ran with a friend in search of a way out, but the truth is not only us. At the end of this event we've had fifteen people, along with parents with grandparents with yard and neighborhood onlookers. You don't see that every day.

This is a real case from the life of my little friend. I think each of you can tell a little story that happened to his cat or dog , in the modern world a lot of interesting and funny photos spread owners in different social networks. I understand that not every case has a happy ending and therefore I propose to move on to the next stage.

Let's see how many families or single people have Pets:

                                                - approximately every second woman has a pet 

                                                - cats have twice as many as dogs

                                                - from this number the sixth part have not only cats, but also dogs 

What would it be ? It turns out that almost everyone one way or another faces every day with your pet or in any way intersects with the neighboring Pets, whether on the street or in the entrance or in any other way. We are constantly surrounded by animals that we have taught. We're not talking about all sorts of other mammal lovers yet.

All these data not only have millions of figures, but also suggests that it is massive and even the authorities have paid attention to it. Many businesses have opened up to help us with our Pets. There are different types of food, clothing, accessories in General a huge variety and of course clinics. Our younger family members are also prone to various diseases. 

People all over the world understand. the animals need help and preferably a professional. How can an ordinary employee know what happened to his pet, one thing he sees clearly - he stops eating , one of the most obvious symptoms when our friend feels wrong.

In this case, we try to contact a specialist as soon as possible. Medicine knows a lot and helps us in our problems, but it also happens that the disease is particularly severe. In such cases, do the operation. There are cases not operable, as in the case of malignant tumors. In this case, the sad situation is almost inevitable. 

Friends, who will read this article, can breathe a sigh of relief. Our team of experts says that today we all lived up to this happy day when malignant tumors can be cured. No complicated procedures are required, everything is simple. The drug, which treats cancer of any complexity, is used at the rate of weight. This means that the price of such a drug is several times cheaper, since the dose of the substance taken is much less.  https://immunoup.com/domashnie-zhivotnie/

In conclusion, I would like to wish you and your beloved younger friends a long and happy life, good health and good appetite.

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